A Heritage Strategy for Gloucester City: 2019 - 2029

As part of the Great Place scheme the City Council has been awarded money to prepare Heritage Strategy for 2019 to 2029.  We have commissioned Urban Enterprise CIC to complete the work and this is the second phase of work creating a heritage strategy for Gloucester.


This consultation follows on from the first consultation in June 2018 where we asked you for your thoughts and perceptions on heritage and its role in the City from a wide range of stakeholders whether you are a resident, business, tenant, developer or visitor to the city.  We held a number of events, workshops and spoke to individual stakeholders regarding all aspects of the historic environment from planning to monument management, museums and leisure to tourism and branding and a summary of the findings is provided in the Background Document. We have taken your comments and shaped a heritage strategy and vision for Gloucester for the next 10 years and set out a number of aspirations and opportunities to be taken forward by the City Council and its partner organisations.


The strategy recognises that change created Gloucester’s distinctive historic environments and that change, where identified, is therefore an essential and positive element in conserving those environments. The document considers heritage against a wide social, economic and environmental context and contains a clear and ambitious strategy. It proposes opportunities to realise the potential of Gloucester’s heritage whilst conserving it as a cultural, economic, community and environmental asset for future generations.  The strategy is aspirational and will require working with partners such as the Gloucester Civic Trust, Gloucester Historic Buildings Trust, Gloucester Heritage Forum, the Regeneration Advisory Board and Historic England, together with sourcing external funding to maximize the 10 year vision the strategy puts forward. 


The adopted strategy will provide a key component of the evidence base informing the emerging Gloucester City Plan and its policies.


To inform your response, we've set out a list of questions and you can access these by clicking on the link further down this page. 


To help you in responding, the following is a definition of what constitutes heritage, taken from the International Cultural Tourism Charter (ICOMOS, 2002):

'Heritage is a broad concept and includes the natural as well as the cultural environment. It encompasses landscapes, historic places, sites and built environments, as well as bio-diversity, collections, past and continuing cultural practices, knowledge and living experiences. It records and expresses the long processes of historic development, forming the essence of diverse national, regional, indigenous and local identities and is an integral part of modern life. It is a social dynamic reference point and positive instrument for growth and change. The particular heritage and collective memory of each locality or community is irreplaceable and an important foundation for development, both now and into the future.'


If you have any questions on the heritage strategy please contact heritage@gloucester.gov.uk



  • Opens
    1 Mar 2019 at 09:00
  • Closes
    1 Apr 2019 at 17:00
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Consultation Documents

The consultation documents will be available here when the consultation opens.